Gift ideas for new american citizens

Gift ideas for new american citizens. If you are looking for gifts to congratulate a friend or loved one who has recently become an American citizen, then we have collected a few ideas for you.

Gift ideas for new american citizens


#1 A Patriotic Lapel Pin

Patriotic Lapel Pin

A Patriotic Lapel Pin is a great solution, as it is a good way for them to express their love for a new country, albeit in a formal form. On the lapel of the pin there is an eagle symbol on the background of the American flag, above which the phrase “Proud to be an American”. The engraving of this pin is well detailed, which gives it the effect of a convex logo. The pin is just over an inch in size and comes with an army clutch.

#2 Some Beautiful Calligraphy Of A Quote From President Kennedy

Some Beautiful Calligraphy Of

It displays a quote from President John F. Kennedy, as President John F. Kennedy once said: “Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life.” It will be a great gift, as it is a reminder of how lucky they are in the country.. In addition, it is perfectly decorated with stunning calligraphy. The peculiarity of this gift is that it is original and made by hand and reprinted on cotton paper.

#3 A Fun Mug For The New American Gamer

Fun Mug For The New American Gamer

The cup has a capacity of 11-15 ounces. The design is available on both sides using high quality ink that does not fade. If you are worried about washing, then you can wash this mug as much as you want in the dishwasher and even use it in the microwave.

#4 “Kiss Me I’m American” Phone Case


#8 Or A "Kiss Me I'm American" Phone Case

This gift is a more daring option for them to brag about becoming a US citizen. This case is available for iphone and iphone 11 ProMax phone models, also suitable for several Samsung models. The case has a retro design, which is ideal for young people who have just received citizenship. The case is scratch-resistant and drop-proof.


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